Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 I've been going through some pictures tonight trying to see what I need to blog about and found these I took last spring/summer.  I love the one above because it reminds me of my Grandma.  She always had peonies in her yard.  I planted these bulbs a couple of years ago in remembrance of her and last spring this is what I got.  I LOVE it!  It especially makes me excited for spring to come in a few months.  The other 2 pictures are of the Hollyhocks I have in Wyatt's garden.  Another favorite of mine.  I'm getting excited for what is in store in a few months from now.:)


Jennifer Simpson said...

Andrea this is Jennifer, your very long lost BYU-H roommate. I had the most out of the blue dream about you last night. When I woke up I grabbed the laptop, googled Andrea Larsen blog utah, and this beautiful peony is what I saw! What a sight for sore winter eyes.
Then I went down further and saw your Hawaii pictures. AHHH! Standing together as a family at all those places!!!
What a wonderful vacation for your family.
I've been looking at your pictures and reading about your family for about an hour!
I miss you. It was so nice to see your beautiful family. I hope you are doing well. I'd love to talk.

Andrea said...

I'm not sure if you will get this or not but I thought I would try. I've thought of you so much especially when we went to Hawaii. I've searched the internet hoping to find you some how but haven't had any success. So you can imagine my great surprise and excitement when I woke up this morning to find this message from you. Oh, so good to hear from you. Please e-mail me when you get a chance so we can catch up on things. :)

trading pins said...

beautiful photos.. stunning..