Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Lights

One of my absolute favorite things about the Christmas season is all the twinkling Christmas lights. I especially love the lights I put up above our dining table that gives us the ambiance during dinner each night. We enjoy having candle light dinners with all the twinkling Christmas lights.  It's becoming a fun tradition that I especially enjoy but I think the kids like it too.
 My sweet friend sent me some balls to put over the lights to make them twinkle even more.  I've searched for them for years and she saw them and got them for me. I was beyond excited!! I feel so blessed with such sweet and kind people in my life.  I leave the lights up until Valentines.  I love having that extra special ambiance throughout the dark nights of winter.

I added the white balls but the silvery shiny ones are the ones my friend sent me.  Love them!
These pictures were taken before the silver shiny balls.  Next year I'll get a shot with both of them.  It's awesome!

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