Monday, November 5, 2012


When we decided on the paint and the bed for our master bedroom  I wanted to make sure I had neutral colors so that I could change things out if I wanted.  My goal was to have a spring summer bedroom and then a fall winter bedroom.  It took a few years to be able to get the two different bedspreads but I eventually got it and I LOVE being able to change the whole rooms look by changing just a few things.  This is our fall/winter bedroom.  I love the color red and enjoy having this bedroom for the fall months, christmas and valentines day.  Once valentines is over I usually am ready for my summer bedroom.  So here are some pictures of both rooms.

Roses from our yard.  Love having flowers on my nightstand.

 One of the things I change out with the red room. I made this stiching many years ago and still love it.

 She kind of matched with the pictures so I let her stay on the bed.
My makeup table that my sweet husband surprised me with last year.  Love it!!
Spring Summer Room
  I love the beach and I love the colors of the beach. This room just makes me happy.

I am now in the process of doing a wall arrangment with the pictures we took in Hawaii.  It will go with the spring/summer room the best but will also work for the fall/winter room.  I will be posting it as soon as I get it on the wall.  I love it!


Robyn said...

I can't wait to see Hawaii pictures!

Nathan zg said...

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