Sunday, September 9, 2012

The big 13

 Can't believe this beautiful girl is now 13 years old.  She is such a sweet heart and we feel so blessed that she is in our family.  She has been wanting an ipod for a few years now.  Well, her wish came true this year.  She was beyond excited as you can see from the pictures.  Her birthday was on a Sunday so she spent the day at church and then with family.  There was a fireside that night at Tuachan that we went to.  At the end of the fireside the speaker a.k.a Tarzan, Link Larkin etc. had everyone sing Happy Birthday to her.  She was embarrassed but will also never forget that moment.  Wish I would have thought to take a picture. Dang!  On Saturday Em and I went shopping and got head massages.  She had a fun and memorable birthday. 

This is what she wanted for her birthday cake...Molten Cakes.  Soooo yummy!!

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Miss Bowler said...

What a beautiful, talented, intelligent young woman! I am proud to know her and am so happy that life is going so well for her. :)