Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to school

 Can not believe school is here.  This has been the quickest summer on record and it makes me sad to see them go.  I will admit it is not an easy thing for me each year especially when I should have a 4 year old at home with me.  I know I say this every year but it is a hard fact.  I wish so badly he was with me each day.  That is what I dreamed about when he was born.  I planned on enjoying each and every stage with him since he was our last child.  I feel that void.  I am grateful that I enjoyed each of those stages with the other 3 kids.  I have few regrets with them. I do look forward to when I get to watch Wyatt grow up.  Until then, there is a place in my heart that his memory resides.  Somedays that place aches and other days I feel the hope of a wonderful future with him. 
Our High Schooler....seriously?? I truly can't believe he is in high school now.  It seems like yesterday when I was in High School. This will be a challenging year for him.  All of his good friends got into "Success Academy" a charter school.  It's a lottery that determines who gets to attend.  Ty was not lucky enough to be picked. He was hoping so bad to get accepted and was very disappointed.  He would have gotten a college education the next 3 years which he is ready for.  He took the college entrance exams last February and got very high scores.  In fact the kid after he got done taking the test said he could sign up for College Math 110 and College English 110.  The kid thought he was a college student.:) So we are hoping that his honor classes this year will challenge him enough so he is not bored.   As he said "there is a reason for everything and hopefully something good will come from this."  So proud of him. 

 Our sweet Em.  She is such a good girl and look forward to seeing all the wonderful things she will accomplish this year.  Can't believe she is a 7th grader.  The thing she was most excited about with starting school was getting to wear the clothes she had bought with her own money.  She had saved all her babysitting money from the past year to buy her own school clothes.  She is definitely all girl and LOVES fashion.  She is very gifted at it too!  We are hoping she has a great year this year at school.
 Our sweet Hay was the most excited about going back to school.  She says Math is her best subject which she is very good at.  She loves being social and enjoys the friends she has and looks forward to making many more.  She is such a sweet heart.  Truly can't believe she is in 2nd grade.  Time is flying by.  I wish sometimes I could just make it stop.  She loves to learn and enjoys life.  Such a sweet girl she is!
 She started 2 days before the other 2 kids which she didn't think was very fair but she was still excited to start.


Eileen said...

Your kids are so handsome. Really.

momof72nheaven said...

I also have a hard time when my kids go back to school. Wyatt was your youngest, Loughlin was my oldest, well after I lost Rhiannon. This year , in fact in a month, he would have left on his mission. Cyrus is a senior and the thought of having him go to college next year makes my chest tighten so that I can not breath. Sending my love your way. I am almost at 4 years too and each day is still so hard.
PS. your babies are so very beautiful and handsome