Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Ideas

Wyatt's Garden starting to bloom.
I have so much to blog about but I wanted to post this first just in case someone out there is wanting a few ideas for summer.   I LOVE summer and I'm getting so excited for it to begin.  I love having my kids at home with me. :)  I decided we would keep a lot of the ideas that we have done in the past but added a couple of new things I found on Pinterest.  Above is a picture of some of the fun ideas I've come up with, to do this summer.  My plan is to try to do one of these activities each day.  We may or may not get through all of them but at least we will do some and that's all that matters.  Creating memories is my goal.
This is my summer planner page to help me stay organized and hopefully fit in our fun summer activity each day.
 This is the schedule we have used in the past and I'm going to continue it this summer.  They will still have "areas" that they will have to clean each day for their jobs along with reading, writing and practicing their instruments.  Here is a post I did a few years ago that explains more about it.
I found this cute idea for a reading log so I made my girls each one.  My goal as always is to get as much reading in as we can.  I've bought a few fun incentives for the girls to earn and hopefully motivate them.   Ty will get some golfing for his reading this summer.

One of the first things we are going to do is make up a Summer Journal.  I found this cute idea and decided we will cut out each of these and paste them on the page and it will give them something they can write about.

The girls wanted to do Handipoints again this summer so I've set up their daily jobs on it.  They will earn points to play with on Handipoints.  It really is a great free chore system with incentives when jobs are done.  At least for my girls they have loved it.  Having a virtual cat to buy clothes, play games and have a house to decorate has been fun for them. 

 Here is our magnet board all ready for the summer.  Now school just needs to get out.


Jill said...

Teach me please. How do you do it? I want to be apart of your summer!!! :)

Also, if you know of any jobs in the area, will you let us know. Allen and I have been dreaming of moving down there and Allen is looking now that he's graduated. Serious.

mother of the bride suits said...

Beautiful flowers, thank you for sharing!