Saturday, April 7, 2012

Em with her dog

 Em is always wanting to do a photo shoot.  Which I love because I enjoy taking pictures.  She has been wanting to do one with her dog for quite sometime now.  We finally got a spare moment and took some pics.  She is wanting to put a few pictures in her room.  As she put it "Macie is one of my best friend."  I guess dogs truly are mans best friend.  She does love her dog and Macie has brought much happiness into her life.
 She wanted pictures before Macie got her hair cut.  Now Macie doesn't look a thing like this.  Her hair is shaved all off.

Love this girl!  She is a sweetheart!

 This picture is one of my favorites.  She adores her.

 Our little helper.


Eileen said...

She looks so pretty! On the outside AND the inside. Cute pics.

momof72nheaven said...

She is really beautiful!

Angela said...

Beautiful photos, Andrea! I just went through your blog a bit and saw Wyatt's bench. It is absolutely beautiful. I am sure it was worth the wait...we finally got Evan's marker last September and it was a huge release of emotions! It was worth the wait for us to have a marker that represented him too. I am glad you have such a beautiful monument dedicated to your sweet Wyatt. Butterflies are everywhere. Love you, Angela

ann from michigan said...

Could you send me the recipe for your breakfast cake....thanks