Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter this year came upon me way too fast.  I was extra busy doing this and other things that I didn't put forth the time and effort I usually do each year for this most important holiday.  Seriously, for us it is the most important because it gives us the hope of the resurrection when we will get to hold our baby boy again.  I truly believe that resurrection morning when we are all resurrected that I will be holding our 5 month old son again and I can hardly wait.  So grateful to our Savior Jesus Christ for all he did to make this possible for each one of us.  So grateful for that hope.  I look forward to that day more than anything.

 I usually have different activities during the week prior to Easter but most of them just didn't happen this year.  I did get around to getting out the jar that we put nice notes about each other in and we read them at Wyatt's grave on Sunday afternoon.  We also took the time at his grave to talk about the resurrection and how significant it is especially to us since we have a most important member of our family on the other side. It was a good day.  On Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt in our home.  Here are some pictures from that.

I love this picture of Ty...and his shirts says "This is what awesome looks like." Got to love being a teenager.

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