Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celtic Women

Em and I went with a couple of friends to Celtic Women in Vegas.  One of my life time dreams and it truly was AMAZING!!!  We had nose bleed seats but when we got there they had closed the section that our seats were in and they relocated us to the 6th row.  Unbelievable seats...loved every.second.  Such talent!!!  So glad we went to it.  Something I will never forget.  So grateful for such amazing friends we are blessed with.  Here are some pictures we took outside after the show.  

Our Wyatt moment...loved it!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring hike

 We decided to go on a hike one beautiful spring morning.  It was a new hike we had never been on before.  We feel so blessed to live in such a pretty area.  Especially enjoyed the few butterflies we saw on our hike.  Wyatt was letting us know he is aware of us.  So grateful for those tender mercies.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Choir Concert

 Hay was so excited to show off all the fun songs she had learned this year at school.  It was a great concert.  Very impressed at the songs she had learned this year.  Grateful she goes to a school that isn't afraid to stand up for what is right and good in this world.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter this year came upon me way too fast.  I was extra busy doing this and other things that I didn't put forth the time and effort I usually do each year for this most important holiday.  Seriously, for us it is the most important because it gives us the hope of the resurrection when we will get to hold our baby boy again.  I truly believe that resurrection morning when we are all resurrected that I will be holding our 5 month old son again and I can hardly wait.  So grateful to our Savior Jesus Christ for all he did to make this possible for each one of us.  So grateful for that hope.  I look forward to that day more than anything.

 I usually have different activities during the week prior to Easter but most of them just didn't happen this year.  I did get around to getting out the jar that we put nice notes about each other in and we read them at Wyatt's grave on Sunday afternoon.  We also took the time at his grave to talk about the resurrection and how significant it is especially to us since we have a most important member of our family on the other side. It was a good day.  On Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt in our home.  Here are some pictures from that.

I love this picture of Ty...and his shirts says "This is what awesome looks like." Got to love being a teenager.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Em with her dog

 Em is always wanting to do a photo shoot.  Which I love because I enjoy taking pictures.  She has been wanting to do one with her dog for quite sometime now.  We finally got a spare moment and took some pics.  She is wanting to put a few pictures in her room.  As she put it "Macie is one of my best friend."  I guess dogs truly are mans best friend.  She does love her dog and Macie has brought much happiness into her life.
 She wanted pictures before Macie got her hair cut.  Now Macie doesn't look a thing like this.  Her hair is shaved all off.

Love this girl!  She is a sweetheart!

 This picture is one of my favorites.  She adores her.

 Our little helper.