Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wyatt's 4th birthday

Wyatt's 4th birthday...we ate breakfast at his grave and watched the sunrise. It was a perfect and beautiful morning. Couldn't ask for any better. After school we released balloons and went to dinner together. When we got home my sweet friend had dropped off some cupcakes so we did our "No Empty Chairs" box and ate cupcakes after singing happy birthday to Wyatt. It was a difficult day for reasons other than Wyatt's birthday but we survived and enjoyed some good family time. We know whats most important in this life and we are grateful to have each other. We truly look forward to the day when we get to see Wyatt blow out 4 candles and open up presents. It will be a wonderful day.

Picnic breakfast with breakfast cake.

The sunrise...simply beautiful!

Ty's message....I miss you!

A sweet friend brought by this vinyl for our wall... Forever a family. Love it!
We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives. Thank you to all that remembered our little boy on his birthday.


Bridget said...

It brings tears to my eyes to see your birthday celebration. I know there are many angel families but seeing these photos reminds me of the times we have at Evan's grave. It's nice to know we are not alone.

ann from michigan said...

I love reading your post, I too lost my oldest son almost 13 years ago at the age of 19 he was in a boating/ swimming incident and drowned..could you send me your recipe for the breakfast cake? thanks you have a beautiful family....ann