Monday, October 10, 2011

Tahiti Village July 2011-Happy 12th Birthday Em

For years now Em and her friend have wanted to do a girls trip. We told them maybe for their 12th birthday we would do that. Well this summer even though both of their birthdays are in the fall we decided to take them on a little trip. We found a great deal at the Tahiti Village in Vegas. It was amazing! We pretended we were in Tahiti not Vegas and had the time of our lives. Hay got to join us for the first part of the week. This place had a sand beach area, lazy river and awesome cabanas to relax and read under. We did lots of shopping, swimming, relaxing, reading and just enjoying each others company. One of the days D and Ty came to pick Hay up and enjoyed the resort with us. I hope it will be a memory Em will never forget. Can't believe she is now 12 years old. Such a sweet and remarkable young lady that we feel so blessed to have in our life. Here are many of the pictures I took. Fun, fun memories!

Hay was so worn out from all the fun she fell asleep sitting up.

Our favorite restaurant

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Jill said...

Hope you had a fantastic day Em! Looks like it was tons of fun. You are a beautiful girl. I can't believe you are growing up so fast... Love you! (love that last picture!)