Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh so amazing!

I received this in the mail for Wyatt's birthday. It's a drawing my niece drew. I had no idea she was such an artist. Truly amazing! What a tender mercy it was for me to open this package up and see this amazing butterfly. This is the exact type of butterfly the flew around in our backyard the day before Wyatt's birthday. This will be something we will always cherish. Thank you Sarah! Along with the drawing she shared the words to a song that reminded her of Wyatt. That is one of the greatest gifts I can receive is knowing that our little boy is still thought of and not forgotten. Another great gift is to hear that someone has become a better person because of Wyatt's influence on them or that their testimony has grown from Wyatt's story. Those are some of the greatest blessings I can receive.

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