Monday, October 31, 2011


This year we had a cheerleader, basketball player and Miss America..  I can't help but always put a picture of Wyatt with the Halloween post I do each year.  It was the one and only Halloween we had with him.  Every year I wonder what he would be...this year I think he would have been Thomas the Train since we already have that costume from Ty.  He is always missed on these holidays.  Does it get any easier?  In some ways yes but in others no.  I will never forget the Halloween of will be ingrained into my mind forever.  Miss you Wyatt!!!

We had our annual neighborhood party which was fun and then the girls went trick or treating and Ty went and did stuff with friends. All in all it was a good day.
Our sweet little peacock that most people thought was a girl. :)  Poor kid!
Ty...go Warriors!
Em in my Cheerleading outfit.
Miss America
Of course Macie Mae was dressed up as a pumpkin and LOVED all the trick or treaters.
I went that day and helped with Hay's halloween party.  She had a lot of fun.

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