Saturday, August 6, 2011

Golf team/ Piano solo

Ty made the golf team this week. :) Soooo very proud of him! He has worked so hard this summer playing almost everyday and mostly going to play by himself. He truly has learned about hard work and we are beyond proud of him. Making the team as a freshman is such an accomplishment! Way to go Ty!!! You are amazing!

He also played a very hard piano solo in church last week. Yet another thing he has worked so hard on by himself. He taught himself how to play the piano with just a years worth of lessons at the beginning. Since then he has practiced on his own and taught himself some really hard songs. The song he played in church was "Onward Christian Soldiers" arranged by Jon Schmidt. Ty had listened to this song from one of my CD's. He liked it so much that he decided to go online and he bought the sheet music. He as been learning this song for a long time now and we are so proud of his perseverance and dedication. It was not an easy song at all. He spent hours learning the very challenging end part of the song and when he played it in church he did it perfect. As I would take him to the church to practice the week before playing it in sacrament meeting I couldn't hold back the tears as I would listen to him play. This kid has triumphed in adversity. He has overcome disappointment and has become an amazing young man that I'm so very proud of. His work ethnic when he wants to accomplish something is amazing. Way to go Ty! You make your parents proud!

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Lisa said...

You have a great kid, there!