Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

Here are the pictures I took on the first day of school last week. I've been hoping to get my photoshop working so I could do a few edits to these pictures but have not been successful. So I decided to post them anyway.

The kids have done well with their first week and are enjoying their schools. Ty has been very busy with golf after school every day and the girls are getting ready for a few fiddling performances coming up in the next month. We are back to the grind and it's good.
Em was the most excited about not having to wear a uniform. She is my fashion girl and was sick of wearing the same thing for the past 2 years. She earned a lot of her school clothes by babysitting this summer. She did a great job at being frugal with her money.

Our 1st grader....she loves it!
Can't believe he is in 9th grade....where has the time gone?

Em wanted a picture with her Roxy backpack that she had bought herself with babysitting money.

Since Em wanted a picture with her backpack so did Hay.


Eileen said...

Your kids are so grown up! And cute!

Clint, Brielle, Molly and Maggie said...

I have seen you around church and never really said hi...don't know why...anyways when we moved into your ward last about a year in a half ago Hay told us about her little brother when we asked about their families in our primary class...it sounded so familiar so I got on my bookmarks and it was from your blog that I had followed for a long time...it was so weird to put the pieces together small world.... Anyways I am writing to tell you how sweet and special little Hay is, her cute little face melts my heart she is so sweet and so nice all the time I just love her and was so sad when her class moved up the beginning of the
year! Thanks for sharing her!