Monday, July 25, 2011

American Doll Store

Since this trip was the girls trip they got to choose a couple of the things that we did. American Doll store was definitely the highlight of the trip for the girls. When we were first planning the trip we mentioned American Doll store. That became the main thing they wanted to do. It is every girls dream and the girls could hardly wait. The wait finally was over and we drove to Los Angeles and had lunch at the American Doll Cafe. Such a fun atmosphere. It's something I think the girls and I will never forget. They had chairs for their dolls to sit in that hooked to the table. The food was ok but the atmosphere and how everything was presented was perfect!

Since this was Grandma and Grandpa's trip for the girls they gave us money so that we could let the girls each get a doll. We let them know the big surprise when we got there. Oh, how excited there were! Such a fun surprise for them. It was awesome shopping and looking through all the darling clothes and dolls. Such fun stuff! It took them a long time to decide which doll they wanted. They ended up getting Julie and Kanani. Before we left we took them to the Doll salon and they got to get their dolls ears pierced. It was such a fun day. One the girls will always cherish. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa!

Hay having lunch with her doll Kit. Kit we got through e-bay many years ago and her legs are very loose. The lady saw that when we put her in the chair so she had the "Dr." come to check on Kit. They wanted us to leave her at the hospital to get fixed for a "fee" but we decided that we would try and fix her when we got home. It was cute to have the "Dr" come all dressed up to check on Kit. I wish I would have taken a picture.

Em with her "Just like me" doll Grace having lunch.

Dessert....everything was presented so cute and fun. They had some conversation cards at the table that we asked questions to each other. That was fun to hear the different responses from the girls.

The girls with their new dolls....oh so fun!

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