Friday, April 15, 2011


I have been so busy with so many things which has made blogging at the bottom of the list. It also doesn't help that I'm having a time where I just don't feel like blogging either. Do any of you feel like that at times? I guess I kind of go in cycles. I'm sure soon I will have a "wanting to blog" cycle so I can catch up on all the things I want to have in our book. In the past couple of weeks I've got to spend time with some dear friends and with an angel mom that is in the thick of grief. It's always a blessing when I get to visit with dear friends. I've also been enjoying spring and very busy with this to name a few things. But I wanted to quickly write down a couple of things my girls have said about butterflies the past week before I forget about them.

First one is from Em. Last Sunday for sharing time our amazing primary president did a sharing time about reverence and butterflies. She told a story about how to catch a butterfly. To catch a butterfly you have to be quiet and still. You also have let it come to you. Just like reverence. At dinner that night I was asking the kids about what they had learned. Em said that they had talked about butterflies and how to catch a butterfly. She then said..."I don't have to be quiet or still to catch a butterfly because butterflies just come to me and land on me." She really has had many Wyatt moments where they will come and land on her while she is walking. She says it happens all the time...and she knows it's her little brother saying hi.

The second Wyatt moment that I want to record is from Hay. In her class at school the past few weeks they have been learning about the cycle of butterflies. They ordered the same caterpillars we do each year for Wyatt's angel day and watch as they progress to a butterfly. Hay was excited to tell the teacher about how we do that every year for Wyatt's angel day and that we get to have Wyatt moments with butterflies. This past week they got to release a couple of the butterflies as a class. I asked Hay what the butterflies did..I figured they would just fly away quickly but she said they didn't. Instead they came and landed on her. I asked her if they went to anyone else and she said no...just me. She let everyone know she was having a "Wyatt moment." What a tender mercy. There have been so many butterflies around lately and I love it. So grateful for each and every "Wyatt moment" we get to experience. Wyatt sure likes to let us know he is aware of us and loves us.

As far as Wyatt's bench goes we have gotten it approved with the cemetery. The next step is to order the bench. Which we plan on doing next week. They said it could take up to 2 months to get the bench here and then they have to engraven on it. So, I'm thinking we will have it in June or July sometime.