Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Treasure Hunt Book

I thought I would share one of my favorite activity books. It's called "The Treasure Hunt Book" by Klutz. You can click here to buy your own. Inside this book are 110 Ready-to Hide clues so it makes this activity a really easy and simple one that the kids LOVE. I laminated some of the treasure hunt cards that we used the most so that the cards would last. I'm so glad I did because we have used them so much.
I got this book back when Ty and Em where little and we have used it so many times for Family Home Evenings, birthdays, when friends have been over and mostly just something fun to do on an ordinary day. When I had more than one child doing the hunt we would trade off with each clue so each child would get a turn finding them. I would make that clear before we started so there would be no drama during the hunt. Didn't always work but most times it did.
One summer we tried to do one hunt a week and the kids loved it. We haven't used it for a while until Hay brought it to me the other day. At that time I was busy doing something else so I put it off a couple of days. Today I surprised her with a hunt when she got home from Kindergarten. The only thing I didn't realized was that she would be putting her shoes away where the ending treasure was. She saw it and quickly closed the drawer and said "I forget stuff really fast in fact I've already forgot what was in there" ha ha :) Needless to say she was extremely excited to do the treasure hunt and end up with her surprise. It really only took me a minute to hide the clues. So simple but so fun.
For the "treasures" I usually just get something at the dollar store or just some little treat that is around the house. I use to have a treasure hunt basket that I kept treasures in so when the kids asked for a hunt I had something on hand. I was looking through the book and realized we haven't done some of the more challenging ones. Now that I have some older kids I think we will do them. So, for you out there that have little kids or big kids and want an easy but very fun activity for your kids to enjoy I would highly recommend this book. I'm hoping that my kids will have fond memories of the treasure hunts we did at our house.
There is a pocket in the front of the book and the back of the book to hold the clues once you tear them out.
The picture hunt is probably the one we have used the most because all they have to do is look at the picture and that is the clue. Great for little ones that can't read. On the back of each card it tells you where to hide it which makes it sooooo easy and simple.
A few of the easier hunts. The color one is a great one for teaching kids colors. The scramble one is a challenging one for when they get a little older. There are 11 hunts total but each time you do a hunt it can be totally different from the last one just depending on which location you decide to hide the clues.
Hay after her hunt today.