Sunday, March 6, 2011


Chrysalis'...soon to be butterflies

It's that time of year again in our household where we start to prepare for Wyatt's angel day. It's tradition that we release butterflies on that day so we are in the process of watching them go from tiny little caterpillars to large caterpillars then into their chrysalis' and finally into beautiful butterflies. This will be our third year. I hate even saying 3 years because it can't possibly be that long since I held our little boy. Though I've learned to live again there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of or ache for my son. I would do anything in this world if I could change what happened but I can't. I miss him and will all of my life. I do have hope of a glorious and most wonderful day in the future where I will get to hold and love him again and I look forward to that day more than anything.

I love some of the pictures I got from last years release. They stayed around for such a long time so I could take many pictures. That first year it was windy and 4 of the 5 flew away really quick. It was a tender mercy though to have one stay for us to enjoy. Hopefully, we will have at least that this year. If you are new to this blog and wonder why butterflies click here.

I had two "Wyatt moments" a couple of days ago. 2 butterflies flew through our backyard. Hayley and I both got so excited...this means we have made it through another winter and that Wyatt is sending his love and will be able to send more butterflies into our daily lives. I will never forget that first summer without our sweet boy and how I was literally surrounded by butterflies...everywhere I went I had a butterfly by me. They were everywhere. Now, not so much but I don't need them as much now as I did that first summer.

So grateful for the tender mercies in my life. I truly believe that if we seek out those tender mercies in our lives and become aware of them, that they will become a great source of strength and a blessing to us. I do believe it does take effort though, in doing this and noticing them in our daily live. I hope to continue to put forth that effort so I can enjoy them more fully. I love this talk by Elder Bednar if you haven't read it before or if it's been awhile I would highly recommend it. This is a great quote from it... "I testify that the tender mercies of the Lord are available to all of us and that the Redeemer of Israel is eager to bestow such gifts upon us." I do believe this. That they are available to all that seek them. So grateful for each and every tender mercy that has come to me. I'm especially grateful for the tender mercy of butterflies!
Angel day 2009
Angel day 2010

One of my "Wyatt moments"


Jill said...

I can't believe his angel day is here again. 3 years...that's crazy. I'm excited to be able to look for butterflies and think of my sweet cousin Wyatt. Love you Andrea!

jefferies said...

I love the tradition of releasing butterflies! That is so sweet. I like it more than balloons. I think I'm going to do butterflies for my angel this year. Thanks for the idea. Do you have any tips on where to buy them and how to set it up? I'm sure I can google it too. Thanks!

Georgilee said...

This is a stunning photograph!!! Wow