Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine boxes

Last night I introduced the kids to something new we are going to do this month to celebrate valentines. I saw this idea from one of my friends last year and loved it. I had kind of forgotten about it until I saw these cute little mailboxes at Target in their $1 section. I bought us each a box. We are going to start sending love mail to each other for the next couple of weeks. What I'm hoping is there will be lots of kind and nice things written and sent in each mailbox. Hopefully lots of "love" will be expressed. I think this will be a fun new tradition at our household.

At the time I debated if I should get a mailbox for Wyatt. I ended up not getting one and now I'm kicking myself. I went back to Target to buy one and they were all out. I'm hoping they will get more in. The thought occurred to me that it might be a good thing to have a box for him so the kids can express how they are feeling with regards to missing Wyatt along with expressing their love. I do believe he will get those messages. The kids even asked where Wyatt's box was...so, hopefully in the next few days they will get some more mailboxes in so we can have one for him.

I love the color red.


Bridget said...

Cute boxes. I hope it's a huge success. Good luck at getting one more.

{ Bethany } said...

I think you may have to check out a different Target, or Joanns has some, too! We're doing the same thing at our house this month! (I didn't buy one for Gavin though)