Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines 2011

Each year for Valentines day we have a tradition of having a heart waffle breakfast. We received a heart waffle iron many years ago for our wedding. It's been a fun little tradition each year.

I'm finding that these red and white flower plates I bought at Walmart on clearance last summer are coming in handy for many holiday celebrations. I love white and red together.
I bought these heart glasses a few years ago. They have been fun to use at our breakfast and candle light dinners each year.
I kept up the festive lights from Christmas and we have enjoyed many dinners this winter under them. This morning we enjoyed them as we ate breakfast. I'm taking them down after today.

Gave my sweetheart some hugs and kisses.

I saw these darling heart marshmallows and had to get them. We had hot chocolate last week using them.
An after school snack Hay and I made for Ty and Em. Saw this idea on my amazing friends blog. She is so creative and it's been fun to try some of her ideas.

The mailboxes have been so fun. Hay was asking this morning if we were going to keep the mailboxes out. I told her that they were only for valentines and that after today they would be put up until next year. She was so sad to hear that. She wants to keep them out all year around. Needless to say it's been a big success and truly brought some LOVE into our home. It will definitely be something we will continue to do each year.


Marc and Megan said...

Andrea, you are amazing!! I am stunned by all the little things you do to make holidays so incredibly special. These kinds of things are going to stand out so much for your kids as they grow up. I need to start taking good notes of all your ideas and start implementing them... I'm just so amazed!

Neener said...

So wonderful.... What a great idea and how fun. How do you make pink tinted chocolate icing?