Thursday, February 10, 2011

Macie Mae

Isn't she cute? I just had to add this picture my niece took of Macie Mae. I still love her sad puppy dog eyes. I'm totally surprised at what she has added to our family. I never in a million years thought we would have a dog. My sweet husband told the primary kids when we got her "that a complete miracle had happened at our house that week" truly was a miracle. I have to say I felt like our little family needed a dog for a long time but I resisted the thoughts and impressions. I started having dreams about puppies...seriously??? It took a good year for me to finally cave and now I can see why we needed her in our life. Ty hated her at first...was not happy about it but now I would say he loves her and enjoys having her to pal around with. I had no idea...but grateful for the inspiration and miracle she has brought to our family.

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rebecca said...

what a cute puppy! what kind of dog is she? I am so glad I happened upon your sweet blog today...your thoughts & feelings in the face of the trials you've been through have strengthened me & I thank you for that. :)Rebecca