Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heaven in our home

Because someone we love is in Heaven, we have some Heaven in our Home.

A sweet friend gave this to me and I LOVE it! So, TRUE! Love you Wyatt!


Bridget said...

Love it. We were also given a plaque with that saying. Ours isn't nearly as ornate, though. I like yours a lot.

The Garner Gang said...

I am going to look for this...Love it.

judyc347 said...

You have strength beyond my comprehension. God bless you and your family, as he clearly already has! It looks like you and your family are super strong and know what you're doing! I hope to have your strength and heart while I raise my own. All Love to you and yours :)

Shannon said...

I absolutely love that! Such a good quote!
By the way, I always love reading your blog, and looking through your pictures so I nominated you for this "stylish blog" thing that's been going around. :) It's in my last post with the rules and such, so if you've got time or want to, you should check it out!