Monday, January 3, 2011


This morning we woke up to a nice little present for our last day of Christmas break...SNOW! For us this really is a sweet little gift. We don't get snow here very often usually once a year and this morning happened to be the day. So we got out the snow gear and went sledding. It was fun. We then went to Wyatt's grave and made a snowman. Something we have never done before. It was pretty to see the blanket of snow on everything.

I continue to wonder how Wyatt would have enjoyed these different activities that we do as a family. I think he would have loved the snow today like any 3 year old would. We miss him and what he would be doing right now. But I do believe we will get to experience the snow with him someday. It's the wait that is beyond hard.

Here are a bunch of pictures I took this morning.

Can you tell what she is doing? I thought we had a no whining zone.
Tyler turned the sled into a snowboard.

Hayley enjoyed making a snow angel...I thought of our little angel watching over us.

Snowman at Wyatt's grave.

I have about 14 posts to do from the past month. I'm hoping to get some of them done this week. We really enjoyed our December as a family. We did lots of fun things along with continuing many traditions from the years past. I hate to see it end as school starts tomorrow. I love having my kids at home where we can do whatever we's wonderful!

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Neener said...

How fun, I love that you got to play in the snow.