Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We are so blessed to live by Tuachan Amphitheater. We have enjoyed so many plays and programs there. They have enriched our lives and brought much goodness to us. I LOVE musicals. It's a fact! So, it's been a big blessing for me to be able to enjoy so many musicals and programs the past few years.

Each Christmas at Tuachan they put on a live nativity. The last time we went to it was when Wyatt was with us. D and the kids actually got to be in the play and I sat in the audience with Wyatt and my parents. It is one of those memories I will never forget and I'm so glad we did that so I have another memory of Wyatt to remember. He sat in his car seat the whole time covered up with blankets because it was a very cold night.

Well, this year we decided to go and watch the live nativity and sit on Santa's lap. It was a very fun night. Em brought her friend with her and they both talked about being in the live nativity next year. So, I think we are going to try to do that next year. It's a great way to bring the true meaning of Christmas into our life. Here are a few pictures I took that night.

Hay is the only kid of ours that hasn't been scared of Santa. It's so fun to be able to get pictures with him.

The live nativity

They have real animals in it. Love the camel!

The girls
A couple of Elves

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Neener said...

What a wonderful idea. How special of an experience. I love the camel and Hayleys darling red sweater.
Happy new year!