Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pictures by the tree

Each year I try to get pictures of the kids by the Christmas tree. The past couple I'm not sure I did that. So, this year I made sure we took the time. I also tried to have a picture of Wyatt from the tree in each picture. Just as a reminder that he is still a BIG part of our family and will never be forgotten.

Hayley loves to pose so I have a hard time not taking a lot of pictures of her. The other two it's like torture for them to have to have their pictures taken so hence they don't get as many pictures of them. I think it has something to do with the age. So, I'm enjoying Hayley at this point because she lets me take lots of pictures of her.

She had to have one with the dog. Macie on the other hand didn't want to cooperate.

Hayley loved her Christmas dress and especially enjoyed twirling around in it.

The picture hanging on the tree is of her on Christmas eve 6 years ago. Can't believe how much she has grown up. Macie in her Christmas dress. Poor dog gets dressed up all the time.

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