Sunday, January 30, 2011


The girls are continuing to learn how to play the violin. I'm so proud of them and how hard they have worked. Hayley got moved up to the older class because she was progressing so well. She was excited to be with the older kids and it's been a great motivator for her to learn even faster. They had a performance at their school last weekend and Hayley got to perform with all the other kids. Something she has been looking forward to since Emily's first performance. They both did an awesome job.

Tyler is continuing to teach himself the piano and is doing an amazing job at learning new Hymns and songs. He is also involved in band at school and does a great job with the drums and percussion instruments. I'm hoping all the time, money and effort that we are putting into theses activities will pay off someday. But what I hope most is that they learn to love music because for me music is one of the greatest blessings in my life.

At the performance...not the greatest pictures. It's hard to take a good picture when it's so dark inside. I bumped up the ISO to a high number but that makes it kind of grainy and it's hard to not have it blurry. These are the best pictures I got of the night. So, I'm glad I took the ones before we left.


Lauryn Pearl said...

I LOVE these pictures! I want to play violin with your girls! :)

Bridget said...

So cute. I hope they continue on in their lessons, too. IF they start rebelling and wanting to quit, you could get them some popular music to play. Then their friends will give them positive encouragement, too.