Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chrstmas eve

It's tradition now...we always set a place for Wyatt at our families Christmas eve dinner. Like I've said before it does my heart good to be able to set a place for him. We talk about "No Empty Chairs" and how Wyatt doesn't have a chair at our table but that he has already filled his chair in heaven and is waiting for us to do the same. That our goal is to have our Eternal table full with "No Empty Chairs." We had a wonderful little dinner as a family.

After dinner we acted out the nativity. I'm not sure why I didn't take any pictures other than Hay being Mary but we all had multiple parts. Wyatt had the part of the star. We used the star my mom sent us two years ago when they retired and dedicated the star part to Wyatt.

We then went to Wyatt's grave and put a little bear on it that my visiting teacher gave me. We always sing Silent night at his grave and light a candle. This year Em had learned how to play Silent Night on the violin so we had her do that while we sang. It was neat. Such a peaceful place. We stood for a while after thinking about our Savior and the hope he gives us so that we can have Wyatt again. I always shed some tears at this point. Tears of gratitude and tears of sorrow. Gratitude for my Savior and sorrow in missing my little boy. It's especially hard at Christmas time...I just miss him sooooo much! But I'm grateful for the hope that Jesus Christ gives me that I will have him again and I will get to see him open presents and watch as his eyes light up with joy.

We then went home and listened to a CD of prophets and apostles testifying of Christ. Hay then bore a sweet testimony and we talked about Christ a little more. After that we did our traditional ice cream activity with the nuts. Both D and I got a nut along with Ty. Something new we did this year for Christmas was, we drew names and we made a homemade gift for that person. We called it the"gifts from the heart." We decided that we would open those gifts on Christmas eve. After opening our "gifts from the heart" the kids opened their traditional PJ's and then they went to bed and had their "Christmas Eve Party" together.

It was a very sweet and enjoyable evening spent together as a family. I have no doubt Wyatt was with us watching as we cried, laughed and enjoyed each other. He is not gone..he is still a big part of our family. We love him!

The Nativity
Gifts from the heart

I had made a tutu for Hay's doll.

I love this picture of Hay. She was so excited to give the gift she had made for her Dad.

Hay gave her dad a Reese's peanut butter cup she got at school and saved for him along with some coupons of service.

D made some frames for Em to go in her room.
Em made a pillow case with pictures of Wyatt and Ty on it with the words.."Brothers Forever."
Ty put all of our home videos on DVD for me including all the video we have of Wyatt. I cried many times over this wonderful gift.

Hay made a bell necklace for Macie.

Wyatt's grave

The bear we took and put on his grave.



Jill said...

I LOVE Hayley's expression in that picture when she was giving Derek her gift. Adorable. We sure missed you guys at Christmas but it was good seeing you for a bit afterwards. :) Thank you all for making our Christmas one we will ALWAYS remember. We love you guys!

Neener said...

What a great Idea of the pillow case. I am going to do that for Casson's bday coming up. He still has a hard time being the only boy.
Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas season.