Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I really love Thanksgiving. I feel there is great power in being grateful and I have learned that power and it's affects this past year but especially in the past 3 months. I will make a separate post about what I've learned later but wanted to post some pictures from our Thanksgiving day.
This is the first year we have ever done our own Thanksgiving dinner with just our little family. It ended up being a very special day. I set a place for Wyatt like I do at Christmas time. I enjoy being able to do that at least a few times a year. It helps remind us of our eternal family and that Wyatt is still apart of our family here. We just can't see him with our physical eyes but he IS with us. There is an empty chair at our table which is still very hard to accept but we look forward to the day when there will be no empty chairs. When we can finally sit down together around our eternal table with everyone there.
We had the usually turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, veggies and pies and it was delicious. Before we ate our meal we had 5 M&M's next to our plates. We went around the table 5 times and we each told of the things we were most grateful for. By the end I had tears running down my face and I wasn't the only one teary eyed. Those few moments will always be a memory I will cherish. I have been blessed with an incredible husband! We all miss our little Wyatt so much but we are grateful for the knowledge we have that he will be ours again someday.

It was fun for me to make Thanksgiving name tags and to do cute napkins.

We got our turkey hats out. We haven't used them since the thanksgiving that Wyatt was with us. I decided this year it was time to bring them back.

An extra special part of our table setting are these goblets. This was the first time we have used them. They are my grandmas and are about 85 years old. It was fun to talk about them and where they came from during our dinner. Wyatt's middle name is Lewis after his great grandfather...where these goblets came from. They were a wedding gift from 85 years ago. It's going to be wonderful on each of these special dinners to have a part of them with us.

Aren't they just beautiful? There are two different designs. Grapes and leaves. I love them!

And to finish off our Thanksgiving post I just need to post a few of the pictures I took 3 years ago when Wyatt was just a few months old. Some of them are blurry but I love them because they show what JOY he brought into our life and how truly missed he is.

Oh how we miss that laugh and smile...

and those uncertain looks he would give as the flash would go off.

What a JOY!

I know I've said this before but I had no idea that day when I took these pictures of Wyatt in his cute little hat that they would be used just a few months later for his obituary. It's unbelievable...simply unbelievable. I remember very distinctively that morning getting him dressed and how cute he looked in his new little overalls and his cute hat. That's why I took these picture. Emily and I had picked this outfit out before he was born. It was still a little too big on him but we were both excited to be able to dress him in it.
We love our Wyatt. We miss our Wyatt. We are grateful for those 5 1/2 months we got to enjoy him.


Jill said...

Beautiful post and pictures as always. I'm glad you had an intimate Thanksgiving with just your family. That's special. You are such a good mom Andrea and are creating some amazing memories for your kids. SO creative too. I'm thankful for you. :) Love you lots!

Neener said...

What a lovely post Andrea. Those photos of Wyatt are so precious. You make such great memories for your family.
I feel so terrible that their are no empty chairs at our table, I wish there was.... Our table seats 6 and after we moved here we were looking into another table that would fit all 7 of us but never got the chance... now I wish I did. It feels to normal, I like the different.

Thinking of you.