Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hayley's birthday

Hayley had a fun birthday. She woke up, got ready for the day and had her requested birthday breakfast..."birthday breakfast cake." She then got to open her presents from family and extended family. She was thrilled with everything she got. She is so blessed to have such wonderful people in her life. She then went to school where her dad came and read her favorite book...."Duck on a Bike." After school we took her out for her birthday lunch. She chose my favorite "Outback". She wished they would have sung happy birthday to her but they did give her a bowl of ice cream. She then wanted to go shopping and get a couple of things with her birthday money. We then came home and had a pizza party while watching a Barbie movie. To finish off her day she had and ice cream sundae and we sang happy birthday to her. I still can't believe my little ray of sunshine is 6 years old now. We as a family are so grateful she is a part of our forever family. We love you Hay bug!

Breakfast Cake
Waiting before she could open up her presents.
Present time...she was soooo beyond excited!

Gift from Wyatt. I found these two things a pillow and a ring and knew they were for her and that Wyatt would like her to have them.

Cooking set from an aunt and uncle.
Mermaid from aunt, uncle and cousins.
$$$$...she was so excited to go and pick out a Zhu, Zhu pet track and a play dough set. The rest went to pay tithing and into savings. Thanks everyone for the gifts!

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