Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween 2010

2 weeks late but at least I got this posted before Thanksgiving. :) Halloween this year seemed extra busy. Besides dressing up for the big day the kids had to dress up for many other activities throughout the week. i.e. dance, violin, daddy daughter date, school parade and class parties. I think the kids had a fun week. We had our annual neighborhood party which was a lot of fun. The girls enjoyed trick or treating while Ty hung out with his friends. The Halloween fairy came to our house and brought a couple of fun presents for the girls. A lip gloss kit for Hayley and Emily got a dress for her dog.
As always we missed our little Wyatt and wondered what he would have been dressed up as this year. I had a sweet friend ask me what I thought he would be. What a tender mercy for me to have her remember him and to have her wonder the same thing I had been wondering all week long. I hugged her and thanked her for remembering him and then shed a few tears. She really wanted to know what he would have been so I thought for a minute and decided he probably would have been a cowboy because most likely his nick name of "Rope" would still be in affect if D had anything to do with it.
I had some hard moments that I wasn't prepared for this Halloween. Life has been so busy that I haven't had the time to get some of those emotions out. So, it hit me when I wasn't expecting or prepared for it. It's the moments when the reality of his absence would hit me and I had to hold back tears until I could get home. I continue to ache for him and miss him and I don't ever see that changing. I was going through the closet and came across his costume. The one and only costume he ever got to wear. Our little peacock. I smelled it hoping some how his scent was still there but it wasn't. Yet another reality of his absence and how much we miss our little Wyatt.

Em has changed so much since this picture. It makes me realize how much time has gone by since our little Wyatt was in our arms. It's weird to think that much time has gone by and our hearts continue to ache for him. Though we have learned to live again we continue to miss him and will do so our entire lives.

Em was Cleopatra this year.

Hay decided to be two things this year since she had so many things to dress up for. She was the Halloween fairy for the 1st few activites and then she decided to turn into a princess for the last few activites.

Macie May was a pumpkin. Which the girls loved dressing her up..poor dog has had to wear diapers, drink bottles, wear all sorts of outfits and be a pumpkin for Halloween. Luckily she is a good natured dog and puts up will all that the girls do to her.

Some how Ty got away from getting any individual pictures taken of him. He was a pirate this year.

The school parade.

Hay with her friend before dance.

Em at her violin concert.

D and Em had a daddy daughter date for activity days.

Our little princess.

D and I dressed up as Insulation workers for our couples party this year. D had made up some work shirts for his workers to wear so we decided to use a couple and be insulation workers. We debated about driving to the party in his insulation truck but ended up not putting forth the effort to do that. Not the most creative costume but it was cheap and easy.
This is what is consuming my week this week. At the last minute I decided to put on a birthday party for Hay. This is the invite we handed out. More pictures to come.


Simply Be Photo/Melissa said...

I have checked in on your blog for the past year or more. Thanks for allowing us to be reminded on whats really important.

Larsen said...

Sorry, I've been out of the blogging world for awhile. Wyatt is so cute in the peacock outfit. And your other kids look GREAT in their costumes. We think of you often!1

Gavin's Mom