Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5k run

A couple of weekends ago Tyler and I ran in the save a sister 5k race. Tyler did AMAZING. I was so proud of him. This year the course was changed to a different location than last year and it was a waaaay harder course with lots of hills. Tyler's goal was to beat his time from last year. I really didn't think it would be possible with the many hills that we had to climb but he did it. I was amazed and so very proud. He took first place in his age division and 3rd place overall in the men's division. Awesome job Tyler.

I thought my number was interesting. This happens to me quite often so I wasn't too surprised but still out of all the numbers that were handed out I would get 3(march) 13(th) the day our sweet little boy left this earth. I thought of him as I always do. Nothing ever changes with that. He will always be on my mind for the rest of my life.
Way to go Tyler!

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Susie Larsen said...

Hey, great job Ty! i'm glad you got the chance to do that. We've got to go running together sometime! :)