Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's official..she has started kindergarten and is LOVING it. I'm on the other hand missing her but also enjoying my new found freedom. I can get so much done without any interruptions. It's bitter sweet as most things are. I've missed Wyatt especially bad this week thinking that I really should not be at this stage in life. I should have a 2 year old running around. I shouldn't be here yet...this is not they way I planned. I was going to have a few more years to enjoy a little one around. It's hard. I wish things were different but I have to accept what it is and try to find good in it. It is nice to have a few hours where I can get much needed things done. It's a good thing.

Hayley was sooooo ready for Kindergarten and could hardly wait. I took her to her classroom, we hung up her backpack and found a seat. I took a couple of pictures, gave her a hug and kiss and said goodbye. She was totally fine with that. We had done the kissing hand before we left the house so she knew she had some of my love with her and I had some of her love with me. She had made sure I knew that she would miss me and I would echo the same to her. She worried about me and how I would survive without her. I assured her I would manage. She is my sunshine and has helped me through some really hard years. I feel bad that at such a young age she has had to deal with so much. Hopefully, it will make her a more compassionate girl. She truly is a sweet heart. As I watched some of the other kids clinging to their moms with tears in their eyes I was glad I didn't have to deal with that. It would have made it that much harder for me to let her go. She was happy and ready for her school days to start. She came home so excited to tell me about everything that happened and what she got to do. She loves it and I wouldn't want it any other way. My little girl is officially a kindergartner and it's great.

The next day I found her outside on the front step waiting for the carpool to pick her up. She waiting 20 minutes so excited to finally get to go in the same carpool as Emily.


Jill said...

So cute! I love that little girl... Can't believe she and Addie are in Kindergarden. So weird!

{ Bethany } said...

Those blonde curls...your girls are all SO cute!!!