Thursday, September 16, 2010

Heart Walk 2010

I have one of the sweetest nieces ever. She has been so supportive of me through the past 2 1/2 years. She has done countless things for me and has always been there with a listening and non judgmental ear. I will be forever grateful to her for all she has done for me.

We were not able to attend the Heart Walk this year. Oh, how I wish we could have been there. I really didn't know if anyone from our families would be there to represent Wyatt but of course my sweet niece and her husband went. So grateful to them for being so thoughtful...for remembering Wyatt. As a mother that has lost a child that is one of the greatest things that can be remember him. Jill read Wyatt's name and released his butterfly. I guess Wyatt's butterfly stuck around for a while...a long while. Long enough to get these great pictures. Jill said in her blog post "I think Wyatt knew his mom would like some good photos." I have to agree with that. He knows how much I love photos, butterflies and how it reminds me of him. He was giving me a gift. Thank you Jill and Alno for taking the time to go and support a great cause and to remember our little boy. We will be forever grateful! Thanks also for the are an amazing photographer!:) Thanks for the Wyatt moment.

I was able to help plan the angel ceremony. Here is the poem that was read during it. It was written by Kynslee's grandma. So beautiful!


You came to us so gentle and so pure
For how long you would be here we were unsure

But we knew each day we got to share with you
Would make our lives more complete and more true

You see you taught us to love more than we know
With your broken heart you made our whole hearts grow

So as you look up to us we will give to you our heart
And promise to take care of you and always do our part

While you are here rely on us to get you through
To help you do the things that you cannot do

We know you will fly when your job here is done
And your place in the heavens you have rightfully won

But first you must let go of all the earth binding strings
That are way too heavy to carry on butterfly wings

Now our angels are up there and free from all pain
But we still feel their breath in the breeze before the rain

So fly butterfly fly and take with you our love
To each of our angels who are watching us from above

Now we look up to them with a prayer in our hearts
As they promise to take care of us and always do their part

Because you see now they are helping us get through
And doing things for us that we cannot do.

So fly butterfly fly and take with you our love
To each of our angels who are watching us from above.

Jill saying Wyatt's name...remembering our little boy. Thank you Jill!


Anonymous said...

What lovely photos and a beautiful poem.

Kiwi Karen

Jill said...

Love you Andrea! Wyatt will always be remembered. Always.

Miss Molly said...


Have you gotten a headsone for Wyatt yet? I know I asked you that before, but somehow you fell off my radar. I would like to help you purchase his headstone. Please email me so we can discuss details, etc.