Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily!

Happy Birthday to our sweet 11 year old. Seriously, can't believe it. I remember that wonderful day when she was born. One of the greatest days of my life. When my heart burst with joy. I always wanted a girl to dress up and enjoy girl stuff with. I got my wish...twice. So glad she is "all" girl and loves to shop and do girl stuff with me. Emily is such a sweet heart and I feel so beyond lucky she is my daughter. Happy birthday day Em!

I try to find a little something from Wyatt each year...this year a pair of butterfly earrings.

Breakfast cake


Her birthday and Christmas present...Macie mae. :)

I made this birthday banner last week. I have always decorated the fireplace for birthdays. This year I wanted to do something that would simply things. Make it a little easier so I made this birthday banner out of fabric. I found the pattern on the internet. I added the butterfly to remind us that Wyatt is always close by especially on special events like birthdays.

Stylin' with her new hat a friend gave her.

This year instead of making a birthday cake she wanted to go "25th and main" for their DELICIOUS cupcakes. We brought along a candle and sang to her. She was embarrassed.

Checking to make sure this wasn't prince wasn't. :)

I think all in all she had a great day. I checked her out of school and took her to lunch and then shopping afterwards. We then came home and I made her favorite dinner. Then we went and had cupcakes and came home to watch a movie. We love this girl! So grateful she is a part of our family.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday (belated) Emily! I think the dog is much better than fingernails this year!

drans007 said...

Sounds like every birthday is special in your family! We loved the cupcakes at 25th and Main too! We miss a lot about Ivins and St. George, but we are glad we went where life took us. What an adventure.

Robyn said...

You are the funnest mom ever. You always make birthdays so special! I've been wanting to make a birthday banner...I love yours! It is darling! Hope you are doing well and that September is easy on you!