Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wyatt's birthday

We celebrated Wyatt's birthday at Disneyland this year. Our journey to Disneyland started back in January of this year. Disneyland was doing a "Give a Day, Get a Day" promotion. I heard about it and thought that would be so fun if we could go on Wyatt's birthday. To get a free day at Disneyland we had to give a day of service in return. So we did that in memory of Wyatt. We got to help with a 10k run in our community and it was lots of fun. Almost felt guilty that after having fun giving some service we were going to get Disneyland tickets too. Here are a couple of pictures I took that morning on my phone.

When we got done with our day of service this was what we got to print up....

our Disneyland tickets. The wait then began. For many, many months. It was something we had to look forward to for Wyatt's birthday. A few weeks before Wyatt's birthday I questioned if I had made a good choice or not. Grief had hit and I wondered if it was a big mistake. Was I going to totally regret having to watch other little boys around the same age as Wyatt enjoying all the rides? Would I break down right there at the "happiest place on earth"? Well, it ended up being a wonderful, fun filled day with lots of Wyatt moments and I'm so glad we did it. It was the perfect way for our little family to celebrate his life and the wonderful 5 1/2 months we had with him. I know he was with us and loved watching his family do something fun together to remember him by. I feel whenever we can create lasting memories that will bind us together it's worth it. It brings us that much closer to being with Wyatt again someday. And that is what he wants.

We contacted Disneyland before leaving to see if we could do a balloon release in the park. They told us no...that there were too many airports around. We decided then that we would bring a few of his balloons with us and tye them to the stroller. We did do a balloon release the next day at the beach which was probably better than at Disneyland. I took lots of pictures with his balloons at Disneyland.

"Wyatt moment" on "It's a small world."

A sweet tender mercy. As we were walking through "California Adventure" I saw this butterfly and quickly took some pictures. I also saw a couple of other butterflies throughout the day flying by. Love my "Wyatt moments".

This picture is for DarlaDee. We rode splash mountain for you. :)

This is a family favorite. The swinging Ferris wheel. I love the pictures I always get on this ride.

Can you guess who's nick name is "Drama Queen"?

Tyler going on the "Halloween" version of space mountain.

Hayley watching the "Celebrate" parade. They kept saying what are you celebrating today? It was a bitter sweet thing to think about. My heart had moments of ache as I wished so badly he would be there with us physically. But I tried hard to concentrate on celebrating the fact that Wyatt is a part of our family, that we were blessed with 5 1/2 incredible months with him and that we will have him again in our arms. Until that day he is with us. We just can't see him with our eyes but I have no doubt he is with us and enjoying his family as they celebrate his life.

One of Derek's favorite rides. Buzz light year.
And then to end the fun packed day we got to see "World of Color" a new show at California Adventure park. It was fabulous. We went to the "splash zone" and got front row center seats. It was so worth getting a little wet. And during part of the show there were some butterflies projected on the water...yet another Wyatt moment for me. It ended up being a wonderful day of celebration that I don't think we will ever forget. We love you Wyatt...we miss you!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


We celebrated Wyatt's birthday in California. I have so many pictures and things to blog about but until I get a second from unpacking and doing all the million other things that needs to get done, here are a few pictures I took at the beach. I LOVE the beach, the ocean, the sand. I find such symbolism in the ocean and how much it's like grief and the journey I've been on the past 2 1/2 years. It was a much needed vacation for me, Derek and the kids. It was a wonderful way to celebrate and remember Wyatt as a family. We had many tender mercies to make this vacation possible. Right now I'm longing for a little more time at the beach.....