Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Whenever we go on a trip up north to see family we always have to make a lot of stops for Derek's work. I've learned to take my camera with me for those stops because there is always something beautiful to capture. This time it was some sunflowers off the side of the road. What a bright and cheery flower. I love noticing the details in flowers and how each type of flower is so unique. Love the beauties of this earth.
Whenever I see sunflowers they remind me of a semester in college when we as roommates decided to have a sunflower theme decor. One of my roommates moms made us each sunflower aprons. We had purchased sunflower hot pads, silk sunflowers and a bunch of other sunflower stuff. Our apartment was definitely sunflowery and cheery. We even picked sunflowers from the side of the road and made bouquets with them to put on the table. I don't think I can ever look at a sunflower and not remember those days with some awesome and fun roommates. It puts a smile on my face to remember those days and how even back then I enjoyed decorating. These sunflowers would have totally fit in with our decor.

Summer "fun" sunflowers.

One of the first "fun activities" we did this summer was to plant some sunflower seeds. These big sunflowers are now blooming and we are getting to enjoy them in our yard. It was fun for the kids to see what can come out of a small seed...a beautiful huge flower. In fact Emily was quite surprised when I reminded her that this is what we had planted on the first day of summer vacation. She was shocked to see how tall they had gotten and how pretty the flowers were.

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