Sunday, August 1, 2010

Never say never...

Macie Mae
I've learned the past few years to never say never because in most cases it actually happens. We said when we built our dream house in Orem that we would never move. 4 years later we ended up moving 4 hours away. Well, I've said many times I will never have a dog. Emily has begged for years and years now for a dog. Hayley has been there with her and Derek has always wanted one as well. Well, on Monday we tended this puppy named Cooper

and my heart softened. He was so clean and such a sweet dog. We had a lot of fun with him. Emily really showed how responsible she is and did everything for this dog that needed to be done. It was especially eye opening for me to see how Emily, Hayley and Derek interact with the dog. I felt like this was something they needed in their life so I caved.

I felt like if we could find a dog with a similar personality then maybe it would work. We looked into getting one of Coopers siblings but they were all taken. Derek had to go up North for work the next day so I spent some time on KSL classified looking at dogs. When I saw the pictures and researched the mannerisms of Cockapoo's(1/2 cocker spaniel and 1/2 poodle) I decided that is the kind I wanted. Plus, they aren't suppose to shed which was a big bonus for me. Well, I found the liter of dogs I wanted Derek to check out. I had e-mailed the owner and asked her many questions and all of the answers were good. He ended up picking this one...

When I saw the pictures of the dogs on KSL from that specific liter I feel in love and I knew that one of those dogs was the one for our family. I especially loved the sad puppy dog eyes. Maybe because at times I see that same sadness in my own eyes as I miss Wyatt so terribly.

Anyway, Derek picked the runt out and she road on his lap the entire way home...which was a 5 hour ride. She truly has been so sweet and mild and simply adorable. When Derek got home at 11:30pm we woke Emily up and surprised her with her early birthday present along with her Christmas. Emily was totally fine with that. She was so excited. Years and years of wanting a dog finally came to pass.

The first day she was named Chloe but the next day Emily decided she looked more like a Macie Mae so her named changed. Derek calls her Little Ann from his favorite book growing up "Where the Red Fern Grows." So right now she is probably very confused at what her name is.
Hayley has simply loved her...almost too much. But Macie has been a great sport and so nice and calm. Hayley has been scared of dogs for a long time now. Hopefully this will help her.

Hopefully she will stay pretty least she is suppose to.

Tyler was not very happy with the new addition but I think those puppy dog eyes will win him over as time goes by. She really is such a sweet, sweet dog...just what I was hoping for.

One of her favorite spots...on Derek's lap.

So, I'm learning to never say never. Luckily in this case and a few other instances it's turned out to be a good thing.


Jill said...

OHHH!!!!!!! adorable! I can't wait to see that little pup and to see your kids with her. :) How fun!

Lisa said...

Oh--I'm so happy for Emily! On our drives to sewing camp, she kept talking about how fun it was to play with the puppy that you puppy-sat. I can only imagine the squeals of joy that you heard!

Jon and Jessica Bryant said...

Oh that is so much fun. What a cute little dog! When we got married we decided that the first dog we get is going to be a cockapoo too! Pretty funny. They are great dogs. I can't wait to meet her!!

Natalie said...

What a cute little puppy. Don't tell Addie, she will be so jealous, especially if she see any of the cute pictures you posted. I bet your kids will love her.

P.S. I said I would never marry someone from Idaho and... that I would never live in Idaho and... I would never live in a trailor... ha ha ha... You'd think I would have learned to never say never by now. hahaha...

Neener said...

Oh, I am so glad you got a puppy. Our little Oreo is a huge help.... the kids love her. It is a lot of work having a puppy so a lot of the responsibility is on me. I like the companionship while the kids are away. Your little Emily sounds a lot like my Jordana, a love for dogs.

Enjoy your new addition. We changed our dog's name from Shinko - Shilo - now Oreo. She looks like a cookie,

Have fun.