Friday, August 27, 2010

First day of school

I didn't get around to posting the first day of school pictures. Our kids have been in school for over 2 weeks now...crazy if you want my opinion. Hayley has to wait until the first of September for kindergarten to start but she did get to meet her teacher so she dressed up like it was her first day.
Our big middle school student. How could I possibly have a kid in middle school?

Emily is enjoying 5th grade at her Charter school. Besides all the core learning she will receive she is getting to do Ballet, Violin and Computers. She loves it!

Hayley can hardly wait until she gets to go to kindergarten in a couple of weeks. She especially can't wait to go to school with her older sister. It's about killing her that she has to wait so long. But for me I'm cherishing these last few weeks with just me and her. We have been spending time doing some of the things we didn't get around to doing this summer.

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