Thursday, May 20, 2010

Talk by Jeffrey R. Holland

I love this talk and have read it over and over again. There is so much great advice and comfort pouring out of it. Here is just a little portion of it. I have felt such comfort and strength from reading it.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:

"Everyone, including (and perhaps especially) the righteous, will be called upon to face trying times. When that happens we can sometimes fear God has abandoned us, and we might be left, at least for a time, to wonder when our troubles will ever end. As individuals, as families, as communities, and as nations, probably everyone has had or will have an occasion to feel as Joseph Smith felt when he asked why such sorrow had to come and how long its darkness and damage would remain. We identify with him when he cries from the depth and discouragement of his confinement: “O God, where art thou? . . . How long shall thy hand be stayed . . . ? Yea, O Lord, how long shall [thy people] suffer . . . before . . . thy bowels be moved with compassion toward them?” (D&C 121:1–3).

That is a painful, personal cry—a cry from the heart, a spiritual loneliness we may all have occasion to feel at some time in our lives.

Perhaps you have had such moments already in your young lives. If so, I hope you have not had too many. But whenever these moments of our extremity come, we must not succumb to the fear that God has abandoned us or that He does not hear our prayers. He does hear us. He does see us. He does love us. When we are in dire circumstances and want to cry “Where art Thou?” it is imperative that we remember He is right there with us—where He has always been! We must continue to believe, continue to have faith, continue to pray and plead with heaven, even if we feel for a time our prayers are not heard and that God has somehow gone away. He is there. Our prayers are heard. And when we weep He and the angels of heaven weep with us.

When lonely, cold, hard times come, we have to endure, we have to continue, we have to persist. That was the Savior’s message in the parable of the importuning widow (see Luke 18:1–8; see also Luke 11:5–10). Keep knocking on that door. Keep pleading. In the meantime, know that God hears your cries and knows your distress. He is your Father, and you are His child.

When what has to be has been and when what lessons to be learned have been learned, it will be for us as it was for the Prophet Joseph. Just at the time he felt most alone and distant from heaven’s ear was the very time he received the wonderful ministration of the Spirit and wonderful, glorious answers that came from his Father in Heaven. Into this dismal dungeon and this depressing time, the voice of God came, saying:

“My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;

“And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes” (D&C 121:7–8).

Even though seemingly unjust circumstances may be heaped upon us and even though unkind and unmerited things may be done to us—perhaps by those we consider enemies but also, in some cases, by those whom we thought were friends—nevertheless, through it all, God is with us.

We are not alone in our little prisons here. When suffering, we may in fact be nearer to God than we’ve ever been in our entire lives. That knowledge can turn every such situation into a would-be temple.

Regarding our earthly journey, the Lord has promised: “I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up” (D&C 84:88). That is an everlasting declaration of God’s love and care for us, including—and perhaps especially—in times of trouble.

...every experience can become a redemptive experience if we remain bonded to our Father in Heaven through that difficulty. These difficult lessons teach us that man’s extremity is God’s opportunity, and if we will be humble and faithful, if we will be believing and not curse God for our problems, He can turn the unfair and inhumane and debilitating prisons of our lives into temples—or at least into a circumstance that can bring comfort and revelation, divine companionship and peace.

I testify that the Father and the Son do live. And I testify that They are close, perhaps even closest via the Holy Spirit, when we are experiencing difficult times. I testify that heaven’s kindness will never depart from you, regardless of what happens. I testify that bad days come to an end, that faith always triumphs, and that heavenly promises are always kept.

I have read and re-read this talk. It has comforted me and brought me understanding on so many occasions. It truly has been such a help for me the past year. I believe and have felt the Holy Ghost testify to me that everything he says in this talk is TRUE. I believe it. Though I will never be grateful Wyatt died I can say I have learned things I couldn't have learned any other way. I have come to know my Savior Jesus Christ in a way I couldn't have known him before. And I am grateful for that. If you haven't read this entire talk I would highly recommend it. There is great knowledge, understanding and comfort in it. So grateful to have living prophets and apostles that teach us and bring comforting words into our lives.


Natalie said...

Awesome post! I love Elder Holland. His words are striking truly a messenger of God. I too am so grateful for the comfort the gospel brings. Thanks you for sharing your testimony. You have always been and always will be a great example to me!! Love you!

D-9 said...

It was a wonderful talk that most of us should read more often. It was a good read for me today. Thanks.
Hope you have a wonderful day today.

Larsen said...

Your kids are so cute, ALL of them!!

Andrea, you are truly and Angel!!! Thank you for remembering Gavin's Birthday. You lift so many Angel Moms. But I have to specifically thank you for the CD you made awhile ago. I've listened to the music much but never listened to the speakers. (singing to the music brings me the most peace.) But two days before Gavin's Birthday I was listening to my Gavin Playlist (with the your CD on it) and it came to the speaker part, I went to skip it but hesitated and had the most beautiful moment, where I felt Gavin so NEAR!! I knew he was standing there beside me and that the speaker's words were truly Gavin's as well. That he wanted me to know that he is always near even when I can't feel him. when I miss him and cry out in pain, that he hears those words too. And when I say I love him. Those too, do not miss his ears. So the long of it is, Thank you so much for enabling me to have that moment with my son through your thoughtfulness. You truly are an ANGEL MOM. I love you!!

Gavin's Mom

What was the speakers name? (so I can quote it on my blog)

Laurel said...

I couldn't sleep so I was looking through facebook and came across you. I noticed you had a blog and I have been reading it for about an hour. Andrea, I am so sorry you have to go through this. Wyatt is a beautiful baby. Beautiful.

I just wanted you to know that even though I don't know you very well (only from High School) you are in my thoughts. I will add you to my prayers today that you will be peaceful and continue to find comfort.

Werner Ebner said...

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