Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wyatt garden

I fell in love with these flowers the instant I saw them. Even better they were on my list of flowers that attract butterflies. I just had to get them.

When Wyatt was born my parents took the kids to the store and had them each pick out a rose bush to give to me. I had Derek plant them in the backyard outside of the kitchen window. There was a spot that we hadn't landscaped yet and it happened to be there. I'm so grateful now because it's what I see each time I'm working in the kitchen or doing the dishes. It reminds me of the many wonderful days and months we had with Wyatt. And the joy and happiness he brought to our family.

Well, last year for Wyatt's angel day we planted the Weeping Cherry tree next to the rose bushes. At this point I decided this was going to be my Wyatt garden. Since Wyatt died I've wanted to do a garden and fill it with pretty flowers, trees and bushes in memory of our sweet boy. Well, yesterday I decided to clear away a little patch of dirt and start the flower portion of our "Wyatt" garden. I wanted flowers that would attract butterflies. I was able to find a few on the list. Hopefully, this will bring more Wyatt moments into my life...but if not the flowers brighten my day. I'm glad I took these pictures yesterday because today the wind came and they just don't look the same. I hope they will recover. I'm going to add some bark and the butterfly stepping stone that my sweet visiting teacher and friends gave to Tyler on Wyatt's birthday. I'm sure I will take more pictures once it's done.

My big helper.

We have planned since we did the yard to put a water feature and patio area in the corner(where all the weeds are :) which obviously hasn't happened yet. But someday it will happen and it will go right along with our Wyatt garden. It will be interesting to see how these flowers survive the hot summer. I'm sure there will be much trial and error but heck isn't that how we learn?


Crystal Eldredge said...

We are so much alike in so many ways. My next post on Sages blog is going to all about his garden that I have worked on all year long.
I think that Wyatts garden is beautiful and will bring you and your family great joy!
I have a brother that just turned 21. He has had a difficult time with understanding "why" Sage had to go. He spent some time with me yesterday and I came across your blog with him sitting next to me. I started by showing him pictures of your little guy and talking about his life and story. My brother recognized that Sage and Wyatt had the same casket. He finally said. I know this family is a good family and Heavenly Father is not punishing them. I felt that finally he realized that terrible things happened to really good people but that Heaven is not punishing them. That for some reason these babies where sent to us for a good reason. He got tears in his eyes. I was thankful to be able to share Wyatts family with my brother and help feel the spirit. Thank you and I have you have a good day.

Jill said...

Is that sun I see?...sigh. Love your garden. Can't wait to see it!