Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Violin recital

Emily had her first violin recital last week. She did such a wonderful job. We are so grateful for the amazing school she gets to attend where she is being taught this talent. What a blessing that has been for us and her. They have given her a violin to take home each day and free private lessons. I love charter schools! The only payment we have to make is practicing and having a parent attend the lessons and help with the practices. It has been a great blessing and we look forward to having Hayley enjoy these same blessings. Since I go to all of her lessons and help with the practices I'm learning about violin as extra bonus.
Way to go Emily!


Lauryn Pearl said...

YAY Emily!!! I'm so excited that you're taking violin too! We can play duets together... I can't wait to hear you play in person! :) And yay to mom and dad for letting her play!!!

Susie Larsen said...

Em, that's so great you're doing violin! Keep up the good work.