Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stake Triathlon

Derek and Tyler participated in our Stake's Triathlon on Saturday. They did quite good considering they didn't train at all for it. Actually, Tyler probably did with having to run the mile in PE and riding his bike to school everyday but Derek didn't lift a finger to train. This triathlon was very similar to the one Tyler did for his school except that the bike ride was longer. Tyler took 5th in the Young men's category and Derek took 7th place in the Men's division. Derek says he took 1st place in his division..I asked what division that was and he said the "off the couch division", which he was probably right. So, in his eyes he took first. Way to go honey! It was fun watching them compete together. Tyler's main goal was to beat his dad which he did. I'm proud of both of them. Here are a few pictures.

Some of the men and young men from our ward.

Swimming Part

Neck and neck. At this point they were both so tired. The swimming part was the hardest for both of them.

Derek putting on his Barbie helmet. They were required to have a bike helmet. Derek didn't have one so he had to use Emily's pink barbie one. He was stylin'.

Tyler Biking


Finishing the bike portion of the race.

Running part

Tyler finishing the race...so proud of him!

Derek running

Derek finishing the race. He did awesome!

Ty and Hay
We spent the rest of the day cleaning out our garage. I wish I would have taken a before and after picture. I LOVE it when something is all clean and organized. Especially when it wasn't at all before. I now love going into our nice clean garage.


Lisa said...

Ok, my favorite photo is the one of Derek with the Barbie helmet! SOOOO FUNNY! Great job Derek & Tyler!

Elyse said...

The Barbie helmet is hilarious! I can't stop laughing. Way to go guys!

Jill said...

I LOVE so much that Derek sported Barbie. I'm not at all suprised and nothing but proud to call him my uncle. What a funny guy. Way to go Derek and Ty!

Susie Larsen said...

Good job guys! That's so fun you would try stuff like that!