Sunday, March 28, 2010


I love spring. I love the flowers, the blossoms and all that spring brings. It brings joy into my heart especially after a long winter. It has not been an easy past few months for me but I'm feeling added hope and joy that rebirth of the earth can bring. To feel the warm sun on my face is wonderful and to have "Wyatt moments" again is so great.

I took a little photo walk around my yard a week or so ago. Here are some of the pictures. Now most of the blossoms have been replaced by leaves...beautiful green and purple leaves. I'm so grateful for the beauties of this earth. What a wonderful time of year. I love spring and I love Easter. Easter signifies to me HOPE.

I know I've expressed it a million times but this is what I hope for...the RESURRECTION. Because of our Savior Jesus Christ I have hope that it will happen and that I will hold my baby boy again. What a joyous time that will be.

We have started our Easter traditions we began last year. Our "Love one Another" jar is filled with love notes. We picked our secret pals tonight and the acts of service have already begun. We have started reading the scriptures that go along with Christs last week and we have begun learning and singing "I know my Redeemer Lives." We look forward to Easter morning when we can go as a family to Wyatt's grave and talk about that glorious morning when Wyatt will be resurrected and we will get to hold him again. We will talk about the gratitude we have for our Savior for making that possible. We will read our love one another notes and enjoy a picnic breakfast as we watch the sun rise. I think it will be a wonderful week. A week of HOPE.

I love the blue, blue sky in the background.

I just had to bring some of it inside. I cut off these branches and put them in a pretzel jar that my kids had just finished eating all the pretzels out of. I had seen an idea like this on one of the house idea blogs but they had a beautiful big vase...this worked fine for me because it was free. It was fun to enjoy them this past week.

I love having the garden boxes planted. Can't wait for the vegetables to come. Tyler and I planted the garden this year. We hope to have lots of tomatoes, peppers for salsa, beans, peas, beets, some lettuce and cilantro. One of the pepper plants.

And this week I don't need to buy any tulips to enjoy because I was able to cut them from my garden. Oh, the simple things of life that can bring such joy.

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Eileen said...

How beautiful! I wonder what Spring is like. Up here in Cache Valley, we sometimes just get winter and summer. I HATE it when that happens.

And what a beautiful tradition!