Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A couple of other sweet gifts

My kindred spirit sent this to me to put on Wyatt's grave. I LOVE it! Her little Luke had a stuffed lion in his crib while at Primary Children's hospital. It signified courage...which their little boy showed so much of. We often talk about how our boys must know each other and maybe they had something to do with us getting together. I love this lion hugging a butterfly...it brings tears to my eyes. Can't wait for the day when my kindred spirit and I get to hold our little boys again and watch each other as we get to raise them. It will be a wonderful day. So glad to have a part of Luke at Wyatt's grave. Thank you Jen!
This is the BEAUTIFUL butterfly that Kamber's grandma sent me. I can't wait to see it on Wyatt's tree next Christmas. I LOVE all the sparkly blue jewels...it's perfect. Thank you again Teri...it will always be cherished.

Some darling earrings from Michelle who sent me the beautiful crystal butterfly at Christmas time for Wyatt's tree. Thank you Michelle for such a thoughtful gift. I'm still amazed at the kindnesses shown to me from people I've never even met. I hope someday to meet these people so I can thank them in person. I'm excited to have some butterfly earrings to wear. Oh so fun!

My brother and sister-in-law gave us this DARLING book. I love reading it to Hayley. Afterwards we dream of the babies she will have and will take care of someday. Then she always tells me "I will even let you tend them mom." I look forward to that! This book makes me so grateful that I'm a mother to Tyler, Emily, Hayley and to Wyatt.

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