Friday, March 19, 2010

2 years ago today...

Seriously, I can't believe it was 2 years ago today that we had Wyatt's funeral. It doesn't seem like it could possibly be 2 years ago when it seems like yesterday that it happened.

I remember feeling such an enormous amount of peace and comfort that day. The spirit was so very strong. The talks and music were amazing. It was such a beautiful spring day with all the blossoms out...just like today. I felt such a strength that day. I guess I figured it would continue with me. I was so naive. After life continues on for everyone else that's when the hard journey of grief started for me. I look back on those weeks after the funeral and see how far I have truly come. Those weeks and months were so unbelievably hard but I've come so far now. Though I have moments and sometime days or a week here and there when grief hits it's nothing like at the beginning where it was constantly there with very little breaks. I'm grateful for the progress I've made and continue to make. I'm so very grateful for the daily tender mercies that have come to me the past 2 years. In fact yesterday I had 2 different butterflies fly right in front of my car. So grateful for the "Wyatt moments" I continue to have.

The girls and I wore white for Wyatt's funeral to symbolize our belief that families are forever. That we are a celestial family. That life does continue on after death and that Wyatt is not far from us. He lives on and it's just a matter of many years and then we will be with him again. The being with him again is a comfort but the many years part is beyond hard. Especially when my arms and soul ache to hold him again. But I will continue on, knowing that each day is a little closer to the day he will be in my arms again.

So beyond grateful for the wonderful support we received from so many family and friends.


Jill said...

It still seems so strange to have attended a funeral for my baby cousin. I remember that day well. I remember the family prayer and the powerful spirit that attended. Wow. Unreal. You are so strong. You have come a long way and will continue to go along that way. I'm proud of you and look up to you in many ways, and I'll never stop praying for you.

I have a poem that talks about trials. It talks about our prayers and how when we want something so bad and when we know that the Lord has the power to move mountains, surely He could answer whatever prayer we offer. In the end though, the answer comes from the change and the work the Lord in doing in us. It's amazing how we learn through trials. It's a process to get to the point where we start to recognize hard things and a loving lesson from the one who knows what we need most. I know that is true. The Lord loves you enough to stretch and teach you. It's painful. It's long and hard, but in the end, I have faith that all this life, ESPECIALLY the trials will be so worth it. We come to know Him through these most difficult of trials. Just had to share my recent epiphony. :) Love you Andrea! Thanks for teaching me through your example.

Rachel Doyle said...


I too remember sitting at my own son's funeral and thinking how surreal everything was. At that time the Spirit was so powerful that I feel that I carried on the wings of angels that day. It wasn't until after everything was said and done that the full impact hit me. It has been 3 years now - and the pain isn't as constant - but yet it strikes me at weird times and I find it hard to breathe - but yet I have learned how to take that breath and walk forward. Hope you feel peace and comfort this day. May you have Wyatt moments abound this day.

Bridget said...

My husband just put this on to watch. The butterfly part was pretty cool and I immediately thought of you during one part that talks about butterflies and spirits.

She Made Mention said...

I have something to send to you!!!
Will you please send me your email address---

I just got back from having been on a family vacation and haven't had internet for nearly 11 days.

When I came home and saw that it was Wyatt's angel day, I knew then, exactly why he was on my mind as I walked along the beach one morning!!!


Love Jess