Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years

Emily with her cousins
We had some family come into town for the week after Christmas along with New years eve. My sister and some of the cousins came after Christmas. I didn't take any pictures of those days...not sure why not but for the record the kids had a blast playing, swimming and hanging out with their cousins at the condo. After they left cousins from the other side of the family came for New Years. We had a fun time playing games, eating and ringing in the new year with sparklers, pops and pan lids. It was fun being able to spend a week with our amazing families. Here are some pictures of New Years eve.

SPARKLERS...I love sparklers they bring back many memories as a child. The kids had fun swirling them in the air.

Hayley a little cautious with the Sparkler.
Not sure what she is's always changing by the hour. :)

Banging pans. Happy New year!

The group.

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