Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Tree

Here are some pictures of our Christmas tree this year. Wyatt was with me when I bought the big snowflakes and some of the other stuff. I'm so grateful for the memory of shopping with him that night in January 2 years ago. So grateful for each and every memory I have with my little boy. Whenever I look at the snowflakes I think of that night with Wyatt and my cousin.

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments. Grief can be such a hard thing to have to go through but it sure helps when you have supportive people to help.

I love the smell of fresh pine. We have artificial trees so we don't get to have that fragrance in our home during Christmas but this year the company that Derek gets his insulation from gave us this fresh pine wreath. I LOVED having that smell in our house during the holiday season. It just made things even more festive for me.

My Grandma's chair...love this chair and the memories it brings to me.

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