Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had Miss America, a Gryffindor student from Harry Potter and a clown this year. If you notice in the picture there is a butterfly to represent Wyatt. Emily found this butterfly a week ago and brought it home. It was injured or something and didn't last long but for me it was a tender mercy to have a butterfly in our house. I kept it because who knows when I will see another one with winter coming around the corner. I look at it as a gift. I decided to put it in the picture at the last moment when my heart was breaking that Wyatt was not here. I wonder what he would have been this's just hard.

We did have a good day as a family and enjoyed an amazing party in our neighborhood. We are so blessed to live in such a great place. The kids enjoyed trick or treating with their friends and then having the Halloween fairy come last night. Tyler decided to keep his candy but the girls were so excited to see what the fairy would bring this year. It turned out to be a little fur real pig and monkey. They love them.

It was a good Halloween all in all. I missed Wyatt like always but was able to have fun with the kids and our wonderful friends. I don't think the longing to have Wyatt in my life will ever change. It's something that will always be there until he is actually in my arms again. The wondering will always be there too. What would he be doing right now? What would he be like as a 2 year old? Questions I will not get answered in this life. I guess I have no choice except to wait to find those things out. Until then he will always be in my heart as well as in our families heart. We will continue to have our moments where our hearts seem to break all over again and again. We love and miss our Wyatt!!!


Robyn said...

I love your halloween pictures! Andrea, you are getting so good with your camera! Your kids look so cute. I think of you every day. Wyatt is one cute peacock! Hope your halloween was good! Love and hugs!

Jill said...

I love Wyatt's peacock costume. Such a cutie. I'm glad you had a fun Halloween. How neat that Em found a butterfly. Love it. Thinking thinking thinking and praying often for you. :)

larsen family said...

Your kiddo's look darling!

Natalie said...

Your kids look great in their costumes. Addie really missed seeing Hayley at Grandma's. She kept asking when her friends were coming. I love the butterfly on Tyler shoulder. Love you and miss you all!

The Ulrich Clan said...

Just thinking about your family and wanted to tell you thank you for sending me the info about the hand bronzing. My husband and I were able to connect with Denny at Adonis a few months ago. He was very kind. We are excited to get the finished bronzed hands back. Thank you again. I appreciate it more than you will know.