Sunday, November 29, 2009

Balloon release in England

I joined a group on facebook called "Life after Loss". It's for those that have lost a child. I haven't done much with this group but got an e-mail a couple of months ago about a balloon release they were doing. I think it took place around the time of Wyatt's birthday. I decided to fill out the form and have a balloon released in honor of Wyatt. I had no idea that they would actually send me pictures of the release. I also didn't realize that they would be releasing the balloons in England next to a castle(how cool is that?) Well the sweet people that do this release sent me pictures. Along with each balloon was a message attached. I figured they would just print them up on the computer once they received each message. Well, no they hand printed each one. What a sacrifice. That touched my heart so much. I am totally amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude for such good and amazing people in this world. Here are the pictures they sent me. What a tender mercy. I was completely overwhelmed when I saw so many balloons. Oh, my heart aches to see so many balloons knowing that so many moms and dads and siblings are missing their little ones.
The message that was attached to Wyatt's balloon...oh, how sweet.


Nathan Gedge said...

Wow! That is so neat.. It gave me chills just reading about it. And the they took the time to hand write all the messages. How awesome! I'm overwhelmed like you in the number of balloons. All the little ones who are not here. I am thinking of you and hope that you have a happy holiday season..

Bridget said...

I love it!

Jill said...

That's amazing! Gave me the shivers. How neat! That's also very sad. So many people loosing loved little ones. Humbling.

Alison said...

I don't know how I would have survived the past 11 months without the endless love and support from people that I never have met before.

They live all over the world, with different seasons and in different time zones and they do the most special things like this balloon release.

When Daniel died they reached out to me with sadness and compassion because they knew how it feels to lose a child.

Thank you dear Andrea for helping me to find my way...and for always assuring me that I am not alone.

Natalie said...

I have missed so many of your posts. First off, what a neat thing with the balloons. That is very humbling seeing all those balloons and knowing there are so many more people that are grieving right now.

Second, the posts and photos of Hayley and Emi are so sweet. You are quite the photographer. You and Jill should start a business together.

Third, Tell Hayley Happy Birthday from us way up here. We miss you guys and wish we could see more of you.

Angela said...

So Beautiful!!

Sure hope you are doing okay... Since August, I have had two friends loose their baby girls. Life is so hard. I am emotionally spent. I am grateful for my association with fellow angel moms like you. I know I would not have made it without your love and support.